Dicalite diatomite filter aids and functional fillers offer outstanding performance from the finest to the coarsest grades. Whether it’s purifying water, refining beverages, or enhancing industrial processes, diatomite plays a vital role in countless applications.

Under the microscope, diatomite particles reveal a mesmerizing array of shapes, resembling disks, rods, cylinders, and even delicate snowflakes. It’s this unique shape factor combined with the particles’ rigidity that makes diatomite an exceptional raw material for producing top-notch filter aids.

This amorphous form of silica, with a touch of microcrystalline material, is processed at high temperatures, making it perfect for filtration processes. It’s like nature’s own sieve. What’s even more fascinating is that calcined, and flux-calcined diatomite filter aids are completely organic matter-free. Plus, they’re non-adsorptive, meaning they won’t react with or absorb other substances.

Dicalite diatomite filter aids are specially processed to offer exceptional performance, regardless of whether you need the finest or the coarsest grade. For example:


Our filter aids meet the highest standards, ensuring crystal clear results for your filtration processes.


We understand the importance of reliability in your filtration operations. With Dicalite diatomite filter aids, you can count on consistent performance and uniformity load after load.


Dicalite diatomite filter aids are designed to handle even the most challenging flow-rate requirements, ensuring efficiency every step of the way.

Diatomite Functional Fillers

Dicalite Diatomite functional fillers are made from diatomaceous earth, an incredible raw material. Each particle is constructed from delicate silica skeletons grown by countless microscopic organisms, each with its own unique design. These particles come in a wide array of shapes, including rods, disks, hemispheres, crescents, and polygons. When combined, they create a three-dimensional matrix that strengthens, reinforces, and enhances the durability of filled systems.

What sets Dicalite Diatomite apart is its exceptional physical structure. Not only does it offer a low density, making it lightweight and versatile, but it also boasts high absorption properties. It’s the perfect solution for a variety of applications for filtering liquids, solvents, and oils. It’s often used as a filler in paint, paper, asphalt products and plastic.

Classifications of Diatomite functional fillers

These categories are based on their processing methods and are determined by factors such as:

  • Color: Diatomite fillers can range from pure white to light gray, giving you a wide palette to choose from when working on your projects
  • Hardness: Different diatomite fillers vary in hardness, allowing you to select the perfect one for your specific requirements. From soft and delicate to sturdy and robust, finding the right balance for your project has never been easier.
  • Particle characteristic: The particle size and shape of diatomite fillers play a crucial role in their functionality. Whether you need fine particles for a smooth finish or coarser ones for enhanced texture, understanding these characteristics helps you achieve the desired effect.
  • Surface area: The surface area of diatomite fillers is an essential factor when it comes to absorbing liquids or controlling moisture. With various surface area options available, you can make an informed choice for your project’s specific needs.

Understanding these classifications can help you choose the perfect diatomite filler for your projects.

Dicalite Diatomite fillers have one of the lowest effective densities compared to any other mineral fillers

The effective density of Dicalite diatomite fillers is among the lowest of any mineral fillers at 1.98 to 2.33 gm/cc. Diatomite occupies up to 30% more volume per pound than most competing minerals. This advantage is critical in those applications requiring light weighting.

Whether it’s purifying water, refining beverages, or enhancing industrial processes, diatomite and functional fillers play a vital role in countless applications. Whether it’s purifying water, enhancing industrial processes, or even supporting your pool filtration, diatomaceous earth is a game-changer! Its natural properties offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic filter aids