About Dicalite Europe

From our beginnings in 1930, Dicalite Europe has grown to become a world leader in filtration and filler products. Today our company is widely known for quality, service and dependability.

Dicalite Europe

For over 90 years, Dicalite’s Europe division has been a trusted name in the industry. We’ve grown to become a world-wide organization known for our exceptional mineral quality, reliable service, and unmatched dependability.

Today, we proudly operate production units using the latest technology to deliver supreme filtration and filler products to our customers. Our range of products include perlite, diatomite, and cellulose, to ensure that you receive the best filtration solutions for your applications. Whether it’s for industrial applications or everyday use, Dicalite’s Europe division is the name you can trust. Contact us today and discover the Dicalite difference.


GertGeert Remue

Global Vice President of Performance Engineering

General Manager, Managing Director & Vice President of Dicalite Europe Group and Chemrock Cryogenics

Ghent, Belgium

Geert first joined Dicalite in 1989 at its perlite expansion facility in Ghent, Belgium. Geert holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical-Mechanical Engineering and Certificates in Leadership and People Manager from The Vlerick Business School of Brussels. Geert manages the Ghent perlite operation, and is responsible for oversight of all engineering projects and capital improvement projects for Dicalite. He also oversees all operations for Chemrock Cryogenics, a division of Dicalite Europe.