When it comes to filtering plating solutions and chemicals, Dicacel cellulose filter aids are the ultimate game-changer. Dicacel cellulose is the go-to choice for recovering catalysts and rare metals through filtration.

Applications of Cellulose

Dicacel cellulose filter aids are widely used in filtering plating solutions and chemicals where soluble silica is undesirable. The purity and combustibility of Dicacel offers a distinct advantage in recovering catalysts by filtration. The same advantage holds in metallurgical filtration for recovering rare metals. Dicacel cellulose filter aids are also extensively used for filtration of steam condensate from boiler operations.

How Cellulose Works as a Filter Aid

Cellulose acts as a precoat on the filter septum, creating a paper-like layer on the filter screen or cloth. By bonding together, the cellulose fibers form a rigid medium that easily bridges even the coarser septum openings. This means it builds up a precoat in no time, saving you valuable time and effort!

Dicalite perlite and diatomite filter aids may be applied over the first Dicacel precoat or mixed directly with diatomite.

Cellulose filters are made from thoroughly purified pulp, ensuring top-notch filtration characteristics in a wide range of grades. What makes them truly impressive is that they are essentially pure cellulose, which means they are practically ashless and non-abrasive. From pharmaceuticals to food processing, cellulose filter aids are the unsung heroes that help us achieve cleaner, purer results.

As the exclusive agent for Dicacel in Europe, Dicalite brings you the latest in cutting-edge filtration technology. Whether you’re in the metallurgical industry, chemical processing, or any field where fibers and cellulose are essential, Dicalite Dicacel is your trusted partner.

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General Chemical Characteristics Dicacel

cellulose content+99% (atro)
alfa-cellulose content+89%
ash contentmax. 0.3%
ether extractmax. 0.1%
pH5.5 - 6.5
approximate moisture5 - 8%
iron40 - 50 ppm
coppermax. 10 ppm

Typical Physical Properties Dicacel Grades

PropertyDicacel 1Dicacel 2Dicacel 4Dicacel 10Dicacel 20
Brightness (ISO)+90%+90%+90%+90%+90%
Permeability (darcies)7.6-8.35.5-7.51.8-2.71.0-1.90.4-0.9
Non compr. bulk density (g/l)30-50110-150150-185180-210--
Dry compr. bulk density (ml/50g)400-500350-400240-270130-150150

Typical Screen Analysis Dicacel Grades (*)

MeshDicacel 1Dicacel 2Dicacel 4Dicacel 10Dicacel 20
on 40 mesh5-151-5   
thru 100 mesh35-5050-6590-10095-100100
thru 200 mesh10-2015-2540-5085-9597

(*) ASTM E 11 – 70, on RO-TAP

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