Dicalite Europe Announces Price Adjustments for 2024

Ghent, Belgium, December 2023. Throughout 2023, Dicalite Europe, a subsidiary of Dicalite Management Group, an international industrial minerals company, has continued to provide customers with high-quality products and best-in-industry customer service.

Today Dicalite announces transitioning its energy surcharge to permanent as energy related costs are still on a relative high-level vs prior covid/wartimes. Furthermore, Dicalite will go on hedging energy related cost in 2024 as we did successfully in 2023. This approach puts the pressure on Dicalite to manage the costs and better hedge the market to meet our own targets and guarantee price stability in 2024. This surcharge will become a standard part of our base pricing. i.e. we will not invoice + 55€/mt on a separate line item and we will integrate these costs in our base pricing.

While Dicalite continues to work on cost mitigation, plant efficiency and supply chain initiatives, we find it necessary to adjust our pricing to help alleviate the cost inflation we are experiencing. For example, Belgium labour indexation, sustainable regulation on logistics (Maut/CO2) as well as many more which are quality/regulatory, and availability related. These cost effects result in your new base price from 1st of January 2024 onwards by up to +10-16% depending on Incoterm condition.

We are proud to announce that our Perlite Ghent facility is in commissioning phase to implement a new Big Bag packaging line. This investment will allow us to cope on EMEA´s Big Bag packaging demand as well as delivering higher weights per Big Bag while dimensioning will not change. Details will be forwarded by Dicalite customer service when final commission has taken place which is expected by year end of 2023.

We thank you for your business and look forward to providing you with many more years of excellent customer service. Be ensured that quality, service, and reliability remain our focus now and in the future. Please contact us for any questions or concerns you may have.