Dicalite Europe Announces Price Adjustments

Ghent, Belgium, September 2022. Throughout 2022, Dicalite Europe, a subsidiary of Dicalite Management Group, an international industrial minerals company, has continued to provide customers with high-quality products and best-in-industry customer service. We are proud to announce that our Perlite Ghent facility is now ISO 22000 certified. Our sustainability activities paid back by a Gold Medal certification on Ecovadis sustainability rating. We also invested in capacity extension and market intelligence to cope with brewing and enzyme market demand in fine filtration. Quality, service, and reliability remain our focus for serving our customers now and in the future.

Temporary Raw Material Surcharge. Dicalite Europe announces a transfer of our temporary raw material transport surcharge as permanent as logistic costs have settled on a high level and are not expected to come down. This temporary surcharge will become a standard part of our base pricing. We will not invoice + 28€/mt on a separate line item and integrate these costs in our base pricing.

General Costs. Furthermore we need to adjust base price to our new reality seeing raising costs in labor, health and safety, packaging, base and raw materials as well as transportation. Top quality and regulatory requirements need to be meet. Even these costs are being partially offset by some of our capital initiatives and efficiency upgrades but this is still not enough. While we continue to work on cost mitigation, plant efficiency and supply chain initiatives, we find it necessary to adjust our pricing to help alleviate the cost inflation we are experiencing. This effects results in your new base price from 1st of December 2022 onwards by +101€/mt.

Temporary Energy Surcharge. Dicalite will need to continue our temporary energy surcharge program in order to cope in the highly volatile gas markets and keep in pace with energy related costs, hoping that these will come down soon. Additional information on our energy surcharge program can be found here.

We thank you for your business and look forward to providing you with many more years of excellent customer service. Please contact our Sales Manager for any questions you may have.

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